Articles of Nobility; Our Code of Conduct
Prince Imrahil and the Knights of Dol Amroth were men of nobility and undying valor. Fearless and courageous, these 700 men came to the aid of the Steward of Gondor, Dennethor II, in his greatest need by facing the vast hoards of the forces of Mordor and Minas Morgul.
With such reputation comes the Code of Conduct of these men.

The Knights of Dol Amroth Code of Conduct & Rules

Code of Conduct

We seldom boot people out of the Kinship for disciplinary reasons. In almost every case, the reason was directly related to their conduct in Chat. The written and spoken word is powerful, and when misused can ruin LOTRO.

MMORPGs such as LOTRO can be a powerful force for good in developing the maturity of our young members. For me it's a great tragedy when a kid is pulled from LOTRO because their parents observe uncorrected obscene, indecent, or offensive language in Chat.

All within The Knights of Dol Amroth Kinship are expected to obey this Code of Conduct.

1. Respect

Conversations that degrade the nobility of the Knights of Dol Amroth Kinship are prohibited. We have people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicity, religions, and from many countries.

Keep all communications G-Rated.. Do not use vulgarity of any kind in any form of communication. This includes racist/sexist remarks or jokes, conversations about illegal drugs or activities, wild partying, sexual innuendo, flaming anger, degrading religion, etc.

- If you slip up... Apologize immediately.

- If you slip up and another corrects you. Apologize immediately.

- If you are offended by something said in chat, don't flame. Inform the person that you were offended, and why. Everyone is expected to do their part and speak up. If that doesn't work, save chat transcript and email to Kinship officer or leader.

2. Reputation

KoDA is known as a friendly, helpful, professional Kinship. We earn this reputation every day through our interaction with others. You are an Ambassador for The Knights Kinship to every player you meet, and to every Fellowship you join. Do not show your anger at, argue with, or taunt others in Gladden. Walk away from any altercation. Treat others in the same way you would like to be treated. When available, offer to help other players. When you see Newbie questions or behavior, don't call the player a 'n00b*' or other insult. Offer assistance. Today's n00b is next month's expert GA Raid Leader. Be the kind of player you wish you had run into that first day in LOTRO.

*n00b - An insulting word for 'Newbie' or 'New Player' that means a 'stupid new player who doesn't know anything'. Ironically, use of this word to describe another player marks the user as a n00b, since experienced players tend to either help or ignore the newcomers.

3. Participation

Register on Members are strongly encouraged to use the forums for discussions and social interaction. They are a great way to share vital information. Any member can post an event, coordinate farming or raids using the Raid Calendar, add useful links, or upload game pictures.

4. Esprit de Corps. (esPREE day CORE)

French, meaning literally "group spirit". It is a synonym for words like morale, comradeship, and purpose. In its strictest sense, it applied only to military groups, who together form a sense of purpose and comradeship. Yet it is often also used in common language to refer to any group that appears united and protective of its members.

KoDA Kinship members can be more than fellowship fillers. They are also one more means of support, one more place where you can have friends. If you are having a tough time in the real world and need to talk, we're here: Sorrow Shared is Sorrow Divided. Something cool and wonderful happen? We're here for that, too: Joy Shared is Joy Multiplied. Like LOTRO, our Kinship has the potential to be around for a very long time. It's possible that we'll have members with us from elementary school, through college graduation, to their oldest child's first LOTRO character. In a few cases, we may be the only close friends a player has. Remember that every character has a real human behind it, and it's really that human who is a member of The Knights.

4. Raiding

As many of you know The Knights enjoy doing high end content in the game. We are a casual kinship, but we do strive to experience and conquer the greater challenges of Middle-Earth for those of us who are willing to commit the time and effort. Raids do take some time, and they do require a great deal of effort from both the leaders and the participants. It is expected that all knights are courteous and respectful to one another during a raid, so we can all accomplish the same goals as smoothly as possible without getting stressed out.

Here's what to expect on longer raids. Strategies will be discusses and tried. In fact, a good portion of the raid just might be going over strategy, so everyone goes into the battle with the proper knowledge. It doesn't guarantee success though. People may perish, and costly repair bills may follow! Don't lose heart. For some people the raid might be brand new, and others may be veterans of the raid instance. Regardless, everyone deserves a shot at trying the raids out. Please be patient with newcomers, and be patient with setbacks. That the nature of raiding. We knights have not mastered every raid instance, so there will be wipes. Expect that. Learn from it, and we'll grow as a kin together.

In order to have the best chance of attending a raid you must sign up on the Raid Calendar. This does not guarantee you a spot however, it just means that if the raid leader needs to fill a spot with a certain class, he will first look at the raid calendar to fill the position.
If you sign up for a raid BE at the appointed place at the appointed time. The rest of the raid members are counting on you. If you are going to be absent or late, let the leader know as soon as possible. And you must realize that part of a raid leaders job is to keep things moving along. If you are late, Your spot will be given to somebody else at the raid leaders discretion.

Come prepared; stock up on morale, power, and other pots you may need. Tokens, food, scrolls, and tea are also very helpful. BE ON TIME!! Read up on any strategies the raid leader suggests you to read. Try to stay current w/ patch notes, and how raids may have changed

3. Inform the leader of any problems ASAP
If you have limited time, say so ahead of time if possible. For instance, if you go into a raid at 9pm and know you have to log by 11pm, tell the raid leader. He might be able to start working on a replacement for you ahead of time. If something real life comes up too, that's OK, we understand.

4. Listen to directions
When raid leaders are giving instructions, please listen up. Try not to interrupt unless necessary. Follow your instructions, and if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to ask at a good time.

5. Be Positive
If there is something you don't like about a way a raid is being lead, or something that's really bugging you, please leave it for after the raid, or speak privately with the raid leader. Don't get negative in the raid chat. This will just impede the efforts of others and hurt the raid as a whole. Try to save your concerns for after the raid. Talk in private with a leader, and see if your concerns can be resolved.

Be helpful, courteous, and patient. A raid can get stressful and time consuming. Don't worry, if you work as a team you'll get through it together.

All in all, be a team player. Go with your listening ears, your thinking cap, and be prepared to rough it out. It might not be easy, but with time and effort success will come.

Long live The Knights of Dol Amroth!

*Security Note - If you are under 18 years old, be very careful who you decide to trust with personal information. Your LOTRO character didn't start off fighting level 52 orcs, you had lots of practice leveling him up. But you will have no experience to help you when you encounter your first internet predator or scammer: your inexperienced low-level defenses will fall apart before his experienced persuasion skills before you even know you're being attacked. Don't give out personal information like last name, social security number, LOTRO password, address, or phone number. If you're not sure about something, ask an adult at home that you trust. Or ask on Kinship chat.

Rules for All Members

This is how we run The Knights of Dol Amroth. There is nothing here to 'obey', but it might answer your questions on why and how we do certain things. Our goal is to keep KoDA members informed, and to give everyone a chance to see and comment on these rules. See something you don't like? Please let us know!

1. Joining the Kinship

a. New Recruit. All are encouraged to look for new recruits. Once you find a player who wants to join, contact any officer and they will send that player an official invitation.

1) Before asking them to join, make sure you chat with them long enough to satisfy yourself that they will fit into KoDA, and that they are not a professional gold farmer hoping for a quick score.

2) After they have joined, point them to so they can read the Kinship Code of Conduct and Rules.

b. Membership. A recruit must fulfill the following requirements before being promoted to Member:

1) Register on

2) Read, and agree to follow, the Kinship Code of Conduct and Rules.

3) Fill out the application to verify they have read and agree to follow the Code of Conduct and Rules.

4) You will be promoted from recruit to member after the officers have established your eligibility to join the membership
5) You must be at least 16 years of age

c. Previous members of KoDA. The above rules still apply. No exceptions, even if they were an officer before departing.

2. Demotions in the Kinship

a. Inactivity. A character who has not logged into the game recently will be Demoted to recruit so that we can maintain an accurate count of active members. These are generally characters who have left the game or who never converted a trial subscription into a real one. Anyone demoted for Inactivity is welcome to become a member after 14 days when they start playing again. Please note you will also be removed from kinship DKP/SK lists when demoted to recruit.

1) Member: Demoted to recruit after 180 days inactivity.

2) Officer: Demoted to Member after 90 days inactivity.

*Some exceptions will be made on a case by case basis and requires Kinship Leader approval. Example: The United States and its Allies are at war. Kinship members of the Armed Forces who are being deployed are encouraged to stay in KoDA until they return. Tell the Kinship leader about your extended absence, and write 'deployed to Iraq(or whatever) until DTG' in your online characters' message.

b. Misbehavior

1) No Kinship Member or Recruit will be expelled for misbehavior without due process.

2) If you have a problem with the conduct of a Kin-mate, contact any Officer (including the Leader) for help in resolving the problem to your satisfaction. Explain the situation, and show them the chat log or other evidence. The Officer will talk with the accused and others that were involved in order to get a clear picture of what happened, and will try to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of all.

3) The Kinship Leader or a counsel of at least 3 officers determines if an offense occurred that warrants expulsion from the Kinship. The leader or counsel of officers is encouraged to seek the advice and speak with other Officers and/or Members. However, in the end, it is for the Leader or Counsel to decide and carry out expulsion.

Note - All officers are empowered by LOTRO to expel any non-officer from the Kinship at any time. They are Only to do this as a last-resort measure to stop gross misconduct. See Kinship Officers below.

3. Alternate Characters (Alts)

a. What they are. Players can have multiple characters. The one you play most is considered your 'Main' character. All the others are 'Alts'. As time goes by you may end up playing an Alt more than a Main. For the purposes of these rules, whichever character joined KoDA first is your Main.

b. Membership.  We ask that you have all of your alts join the kinship.  While we do realise that this is a very difficult rule to enforce, we have found that it greatly increases kinship loyalty and comradery.

c. Demotion/Explusion for Inactivity . Alts will be demoted / removed from the kin based on their main characters status.

Kinship Officer Policy

This describes the additional responsibilities and duties placed on Kinship Officers. It also places some limits on their Turbine-given powers. Kinship Officers must read and comply. FYI for everyone else.

1. The purpose of Kinship Officers

a. Set the example by helping other Kinship members.

b. Perform tasks needed for the smooth running of the Kinship.

c. Enforce Kinship rules in the absence of the Kinship Leader.

2. Appointment to Kinship Officer 

a. Accepting an officer position means you agree to officer responsibilities.

b. Nobody will be appointed Officer without their prior approval.

c. You may leave an officer position at any time for any reason (one restriction... see below)!

d. Appointment to an Officer position is not a 'promotion'. Leaving an Officer position is not a 'demotion'.

3. Requirements for appointment to Officer

a. You must be a full Kinship Member for at least  90 days.

b. Must be registered on

c. Must demonstrate a willingness to help Kinship members.
- Kin Chat:
-- Be friendly and courteous.
-- Help others if you can.

- Kin fellowships:
-- Help lower-level members get through tough quests.
-- Know how to fight effectively with your character

- Website:
-- Write how-to articles.
-- Find and post items of interest.
-- Participate in online discussions.

d. Must demonstrate emotional maturity. (a 15-yr old can be more emotionally mature than a 40-yr old).

e. Must be willing to accept additional responsibilities that may interfere with LOTRO play-time.

f. Must fill a needed position. If you see the need for a position that doesn't exist, talk to the Kinship Leader and convince him!

g. Volunteers are welcome! If you want to be an officer, just ask the Kinship Leader.

4. Special Kinship Rules that apply only to Officers

a. Must be registered on with valid email address. Out-of-game contact is critically important. (Officers can request email addresses, contact webmaster.)

b. Must set the example. This is a higher standard than merely obeying the rules.

c. Must enforce kinship rules. Even when it isn't fun to do so.

d. Must accomplish their assigned kinship tasks.

e. Must never abuse their power.

- Do Not promote a Recruit to Member until all membership requirements are met.

- Do Not kick a member out of the Kinship except to maintain order in the kin. If you have to do this, capture the Chat log and inform Kinship Leader immediately by email or Officers Forum.

f. Officers departing the Kinship without notifying the Kinship Leader and explaining their reason for departure will be banned from ever holding an officer position in KoDA. (Remember! This only applies to Officers!)

Officer Positions and Current Assignments

Position {Officer Name}

Duty Description
Kinship Leader {Ryder}
Provides vision and direction for the Kinship, sets kinship policy, fills officer positions with the right people, ensures Kin House bills are paid, does his best to keep KoDA the best Kinship in LOTRO.

Successor {Shareenalor}
Automatically assumes Leadership of Kinship should leader be out of the game for 45 days. Has a special flattened whitish symbol in the LOTRO Kinship Roster.

Membership / Recruitment Officer(s) {All Officers}
Responsible for interviewing and inviting potential Knights. Also responsible for internal member issues that arise.

Crafting Officer {Arthy and Vvornth}
Resident Expert on Crafting. Enjoys crafting & associates with others who do. Likes to help other solve craft-related problems. Plans and directs craft-related Kinship activities. Makes recommendations to Craft-ignorant Leader on how Kinship can better do crafting... stuff. Is NOT required to craft items for people.

Banking Officer {Lori}
Monitors and builds Kinship wealth. Caretaker of Kin-House Chest Items and Donations. Plans and directs money-related Kinship activities. Informs Leader of Kin-House rent situation, and makes recommendations to Leader on better ways to make and spend our resources. Does NOT make loans to those without cash.

Events Officers {Mel and Arthy}
Plans and directs fun Kinship events in order to make & preserve KoDA as a happy, close-knit family of evil-fighting Sauron-bashing, Orc-Killing Brothers & Sisters. Works with other Officers (and potentially other Kinships) as needed in organizing these events.

PvE and Raiding/Instance Officers {Rothad}
Develop tactics for KoDA fellowships and Raids. Teach these tactics via this website. Train Kinship members in these tactics by planning/conducting fellowships and raids into low-level areas. Plan, schedule, and conduct fellowships and raids into high-level areas as often as is practical. This is important, because every class's Legendary Skills requires items from high-level areas.

Skirmish Officer {Vvornth}
This officer is responsible for skirmish activities. Not limited to but including help training members how the system works and setting up kinship Skirmish activities.

Alliance Officer(s) {All Officers}
Make and maintain contact with other kinships and the Alliance. Advise membership of kinships that are compatible with KoDA standards of conduct, and those that are not. Work with these kinships and coordinate Fellowships, Raids, virtue farming, and fun events.

Webmaster {Kotalas}
Maintain backup copies of this website. Administrator of website. Suggest and help implement new features.